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11 Aug 2019
Sweety High
Hunter has a new feature this month on the Sweety High website! Sharing some fun facts and information about himself as one of their featured rising actors he talks about video games, music, his sister and more. Make sure to read the full interview by clicking here

Even if you haven't seen 11-year-old actor Hunter Jones in his role as Will on Fox's Gotham, chances are, you've spotted him in a big-name commercial or two.

He may be young, but that doesn't mean he doesn't already have an impressive resume—and this week, Sweety High got him to reveal everything you wanted to know.

Name: Hunter Jones

Birthday: Dec. 3

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. Blue is Hunter's favorite color, hands down, not only because it symbolizes the ocean and makes him feel at peace, but also because it's so easy to wear.

"And a blue sky is the best kind of day!"

-Hunter Jones

Posted by: Lisa

18 Jun 2019
Kids Rock/Rookie USA!
The dynamic duo have always had a blast working for Rookie USA and being a part of their Kids Rock Fashion Show over the years and they were back for the company's latest show in Chicago! Flying to the windy city Ell and Hunter had a busy schedule with fitting and rehearsal before the big show in front of the crowd of people. Walking alongside children of some of the biggest athletes as well as other young models they each did multiple looks showcasing some of the latest apparel from Haddad Brands' lines. From Hurley to Nike they confidently walked the runway, struck a pose, and headed back to get ready for their next looks. It was a fantastic show, they loved being a part of it and check out the images in the gallery!

Posted by: Lisa

07 Jun 2019
Smiley Kids Photo!
Elladia and Hunter's first photoshoot of 2019 is here and what a fantastic set of images! They got to shoot with Evgenia of Smiley Kids Photo and it is clear they had a whole lot of fun between poses, outfit changes and everything in between. A lot of hard work goes into creating each look and delivering a set of photos that will do the job in a portfolio and Ell and Hunter had some great ones to add to theirs once this shoot wrapped. From the bright and vibrant colors to Ell's smile and Hunter's chill and relaxed poses there are a lot of new photos to view in the gallery so head on over and check them out!

Posted by: Lisa

17 May 2019
The Children's Place
One of the best parts of school is not just all of the interesting and useful new things that you learn in a variety of subjects....but friend, and of course when dealing with school looks you get to work with a lot of kids and make lots of new ones. Ell had a fun time working for The Children's Place last year and images were popping up all over the place. From the catalog cover which was so exciting to see, to their social media pages and emails Ell was rocking their latest collection of apparel. Hopefully some of you saw her pop up online while shopping and check out the images in the gallery!

Posted by: Lisa

03 May 2019
Hunter had an amazing time working with the cast and crew of Gotham on their final season. Multiple episodes, lots of scenes, and some incredible experiences later it is time to share the last set of pictures from Hunter's journey with the television show. They sadly aired their series finale last week and Hunter was honored to be in the room for the cast table read for that episode. He got to see everyone in their element, study the process, and interact with the cast that has brought this show to life the last five seasons. He was included in the cast photo, got a signed script from everyone, and it was definitely a day he will never forget. A BIG thank you goes out to the cast and crew of Gotham for making Hunter feel like family during the time he worked with you and for letting him share in this spectacular moment during your final days together. If you haven't seen Hunter's scenes from Gotham yet, now is the perfect time to go to the media section and watch them after checking out these new additions to the gallery!

Posted by: Lisa

12 Apr 2019
Hunter always enjoys working for Haddad Brands and his latest project for the company is a shoot for their Jordan line! Sporting his apparel and accessories from their latest collection he took to the city streets turning everything from brick walls and the basketball court into the perfect setting to show off these clothes. He had a great time enjoying the great outdoors for his time on set, and the crew behind the scenes were wonderful to work with as he did multiple outfit changes and found the perfect accessory combinations to go with the apparel. With a thank you to the company the shoot images can be found in the gallery, and a fair warning, these images will leave you wanting to go out and play a game of basketball this weekend!

Posted by: Lisa

15 Mar 2019
While Hunter's character Will Thomas met a sad and unfortunate end in the third episode of this season of Gotham...he resurfaced in episode nine which aired last week! Hunter was thrilled to be back on set with the cast and crew who work on the series and he had multiple scenes in the episode. With James Gordon down from an injury and hallucinating his fate, Will comes along to help guide him....right to the electric chair! It was an intense set of scenes, and if you missed the episode make sure to view Hunter's part in the media section.

While Hunter was glad to be back on set for Gotham, it was an especially cool experience this time around as he got to do some special effects make up! The make up team had to design him a piece and do some highly detailed work in order to give him the burned look to reflect how James pictured Will after the attack that he died in. All of the time in the chair was worth it as look how amazing the final look turned out! Hunter enjoyed reuniting with some of the cast as well, exploring the Gotham police department set, and this really has been an incredible experience for him working on the series. Thank you to everyone involved for how wonderful you have been to Hunter during his time on set, and for all of your hard work!

Posted by: Lisa

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